Indexing App on Google with search console

My app’s URL:

Hi everyone, i’ve been facing issues with my Pro app, Google don’t recognize my URL and won’t index it.

How glide app could provide sitemap ? Is Glide enough SEO efficient ?

How long it takes for you to get indexed with Glide app ? Someone else have been facing the same issue ?

I think my first one took like 4 days. But I’m unsure what determines it.

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@Yebaka See this thread, might find it worth reading


Thanks @Rosewebstudio, if i get it glide app and web-app cannot be indexed on google as it’s difficult for it to crawl into a web-app ? So the better option to fix it is to create a blog/website which redirect to app ?

@Yebaka yes :+1: if you want optimal results with SEO control, proper google index and serp Search Engine Results Pages

Is that what you have done @Drearystate ?

No, just made sure my about page was descriptive enough for google to identify it. And made the about page not visible to anyone. It’s like search triggers.

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Could you develop this @Drearystate ? You mean that you need to place Keywords in the description and then hide it ?

Yeah, My about page is just jibberish pretty much. Its just phrases of what I would use to describe my app. I make the about page not visible to others but since google can still access it I’m good.


I think @Robert_Petitto had this same issue a few weeks back with a client. You might want to ask him exactly what he did to resolve it so quickly.

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The app itself wasn’t indexed, but a client-created landing page was.


Yes i think that is the best option, i was already considering creating a blog for my app so now i’m going to figure it out if i could create a free blog linked to my already existing domain name. @Robert_Petitto

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How do we say, Do Not Crawl? We don’t want crawled.


Hi @Dave_Lalande i don’t understand what you’re meaning could you explain us ?

If I understood it right the google bot can handle javascript pages.

So I think the glide team could make glide apps seo friendly out of the box. I would pay for it.

Oh sheet my apps are already on a pro plan. Dam it.

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If your hosting this from your own website then just setup your website search fields.

I do not want Google to index our apps. We don’t need them and it’s information we paid to assemble and has a local usage only.