Pages for a Local Directory

I’m looking for a tool to build a business directory for my town.

Glide Pages looks like it could be a nice option but am concerned about SEO. I understand that Glide apps don’t get indexed in google.

Is this the same for Pages?

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You don’t have typical SEO control on pages like traditional websites. (e.g Creating titles and descriptions for each page, give your site structure with the right headers like H1, H2 etc)

This thread makes reference to this topic

Thanks for the info.

Looks like Glide is perfect to get something up and running quickly. But without a good chance of getting indexed in google, it might not be the right tool.

No worries

You could consider whipping up a ‘promotional’ website to run along side your page.

Get your website SEO optimised, then sell all the features and benefits of your wonderful glide page and the hit the visitor with a nice big call to action button to link to your glide page.