Where is 'complete prompt'?

After watching several tutorials, and reading the documentation, I’m stuck with a silly question. Where is the OpenAI ‘complete prompt’ or ‘sent to ChatGPT’ field?

I can confirm that the OpenAI API key in place within Glide, and my OpenAI account has sufficient funds and tokens.

Using the ‘complete chat’ action, the information within my TextEntry is being sent to OpenAI and not the prompt itself.

May I ask for help?

This might point you in the right direction.

Thanks Jeff. I had found this link but incorrectly assumed that documentation existed somewhere on how to adapt using the available prompts.
Have you seen instructions that decrypt the following solution?

I’m likely missing something rather small and obvious to other people:-)

I haven’t used any of the AI features in Glide so I’m just spitballing here, but I think Glide may have just simplified how the OpenAI integration works. Rather than them prefilling a prompt for you, they just leave it open for you to ask ChatGPT whatever you want. Build your own prompt specific to your needs and join it to any other input text.

Since this is a recent change, I think the documentation hasn’t been updated yet.

Thank you.

When using the ‘complete chat’ feature, I can verify that a prompt is going to OpenAI (Confirmed through billing) but that it appears that nothing is being received back. My sense is that information is being returned, but that my settings are incorrect somewhere to permit me to see them.
Screen captures of the current settings are shown below.
Do you see where I may have gone awry?

I’m wondering if you have a timing issue. Where and when are you calling that action?

The action is triggered through the ‘Submit’ button for the form. It’s odd that the ‘send’ functionality appears to be working, OpenAI is trying to do something (based on the billing), but nothing gets returned.

Actions run very quickly. I think you are not allowing for a result to come back, so the action finishes before it has a chance to return a value. I personally don’t like doing any actions with On Submit. It’s too fragile.

I would do one of two things:

  • Place a Wait for Condition action after your OpenAI action and set it to wait until Result is not empty.
  • Or switch to using an OpenAI column instead of an action.

Thank you. The ‘wait for’ option works perfectly.
The next challenge is that the image generated by DALL-E is saved to my data but not displayed on the screen in the app.

Partial progress! I can sense this is almost working.
How do I get the image to display on the screen?
Thank you :pray:

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With an Image component?

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OMG it was that easy :crazy_face:

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