I can no longer add the "Complete Prompt" Open AI option

Hi, I started building an app on the Free version of Glide which uses the Open AI API key, I was able to search and select the Complete Prompt option when building Actions but it’s no longer an option for me… without this the app is pretty useless. Any help would be great, thanks

Also worth noting that from the Actions landing page I can actually select the option Complete Prompt but I can’t add it from the list when in the action builder. This option may help you @Jeff_Hager but I want to add 2 separate prompts to my action so i need to pick it from the list like I could a couple of weeks ago.

The landing page may have been overlooked when the options were removed. Technically if you already had actions using Complete Prompt, you can continue to use it, even though many of those options are depricated. But I believe Glide is simplifying by removing it.

The solution is in the thread that I shared above. Many OpenAI actions have been deprecated, but you should be able to use the Complete Chat in its place.


Ok thanks for this, I will try switch to the Complete Chat and see if it works, hopefully I don’t need to completely rebuild the table logic.

My setup was using a template column called Prompt Template - in this I had my instructions prompt text and at the end i added a comma and then the words “provided input”

Then a text column called Prompt Input - this is an open text field for the user to add their question.

Then another template column called Final Input - In this I gave the new template column my Prompt Template Column and in the section Replacements I gave the text “provided input” and replaced it with the Prompt Input column effectively joining my instructions prompt and the text the user added together and this is what was sent to Open AI.

I had another column called prompt output which stored the response.

Such a shame it was working so well, thanks for the help.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 171731

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Hey Jeff, using the chat worked perfectly and actually saved having to add the additional column to join the prompt instruction and the input. Can’t thank you enough for the help as I was genuinely stumped when the option was gone.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 182938

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It’s basically the same base, only adding the ability to add an image.

Before, “prompt” and “message” were consolidate into just “prompt” but now they’re separate because system prompting can be considered important.

You can use higher models than gpt-3.5-turbo as well if you want to try them.


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