Where are the chat messages stored?

Hey everyone!

So, total beginner here. I added the Chat element to my app and sent a few messages from different accounts, however I can not find the messages in the tables. Where are they stored?

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Thanks GlideBot, but there is no Comments sheet in my data. Should I create it? This seems weird because several messages already exist.

You will only see it if your project is connected to a google sheet.

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Adding to what Jeff said, please also note the Sheets version of comments is purely a log. If you change things there, it won’t be synced back into your app because Glide handles those comments internally.


Oh ok, so this means I can’t display the latest message of each conversation in the chat list, right?

Thanks a lot for your help!

You can create another sheet tab in your google sheet, and then use a formula to bring in all of the data from the App: Comments sheet tab into that new sheet tab. Then it will be accessible in glide, but all chat messages will then count against your row count, so I probably would advise against it, if you are going to have a lot of chat.

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Good to know. Thanks a lot!

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