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I have been searching but have yet to find an answer to this. I have a comments component set up on the chat within my app. I have having issues however because a user cannot edit or delete a comment and the names being displayed are all mixed up.

Has anyone come across a tried an alternative to comments where two people can chat with each other pretty much like any messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, etc?


Hola @Jen_NYCP

Have you looked at this thread?

It might give you some ideas.

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The alternative would be to use addrow functionality where each row is a new line in the chat. Works REALLY well, but has potential to use up your row quota fast.


Thanks! Just read through it all, seems rows being used might be an issue. I have another feature in my app where I have to delete rows that are a few months old, and probaly only want that job once. I saw there was a discussion about a sheet kind of like an archive of chats which I think will be helpful for users. I know at least for me, I like to look back to old chats to capture some previous discussed information.

Thanks! And you display this as an inline list?

Yep. Something like this:

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Oooh! Hmm…this looks alot better. Let me look into the archive thing.

Is that floating button connected to a form?

It is!

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Thanks! I’m stuck on the part where I have to pull in data of the user writing the message, (their business name and featured image). I have a chat sheet that shows the two users in a specific chat and their information, but I don’t know how to link it to the signed in user since its just listed as sender and recipient.

I do have a column that is an array of a business ROW IDs also found in the chat sheet, but screen column selections for the form shows them seperately. If I can somehow select this array as an automatic column filler then filter it based on signed in user, I think that might work?

An issue is that some email addresses have more than one business attached to it.

Is that also CSS you have in there to have the messages disaply like that?

Business name is the info by which to link the user, right?

I’m thinking if that’s the best thing to use. Business Row ID might be better. I created a separate messages sheet. The chat sheet holds the initial requests and identifying information. Kind of how comments worked. I am trying to figure out how to connect the two sheets, so I can use that data in the messages sheet.

This is how I have it set up so far…Not sure if there is a code that pushes the page up automatically. I added the message text box at the top so the user doesn’t have to scroll to the bottom to type in a message.

I used a relation of email address which can be captured in the form to the master sheet, but I don’t know how to pick the right user data from the user and recipient.

Waht you’ll need to do is create an if then else column to check if the business name “is included in” the joinedlist of business names in the user sheet. If so, result in their email address. Then you can filter by email address or set it to row owners by email address.

How can Glide now if its the sender or recipient sending the message?

Like this?

I’m so lost.

Yes but user sheet > email address

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Got it! Thanks’

I’m stuck on what I should be adding for business name and email address when writing to add a row. Also set column which is tied to the chat sheet and not the message sheet.

Still a bit stuck here, if anyone understands what I’m trying to achieve.
I have the following setup:

What I’m trying to achieve is that when a user types a message and hits the send floating button, the message pops up below with their name and featured image. My issue is how does Glide know if its the sender or recipient that’s typing a message to populate this data (name and image). There are also two sheets involved, the chat sheet which contains the initiated message, then the message sheet which continues the conversation, kind of like a comments sheet.

This is what I have as add row action for the button:

Thank you!

I’ve never used any of the chat solutions, but this should be pretty easy.
What columns do you have in the sheets involved?

I’d expect to see two user-related columns - one containing a reference to the user that initiated the message (the sender), and another containing a reference to the recipient.

PS. By definition, the person who’s typing a message is always the sender :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! After looking over everything again, I think I might actaully stick with comments for now, until there is a way users can delete their comments…that’s one of the main reasons I am trying to do this…