Glide Chat Logs

Few Questions related to Glide Chat

  1. Where can we see chat logs in Google Sheet.
  2. How to get notification for Chat Messages.
  3. Can we share Images on Chat.

This is an experimental reply from a bot. Please like it if it’s correct.

Chat messages are exported to your sheet in the App: Comments sheet where comments are also exported. You can enable notifications for chat messages in the App Settings. Yes, you can share images on chat. Glide Docs • General FAQs

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All assuming you’re referring to the native Glide “Chat” tab.

As the bot said, if you have connected a Google Sheet, Glide will write to a sheet called “App: Comments”, but it’s just a log of chat and if you change anything in that Sheet, the comments in Glide won’t change. They have an internal database to store that, which we don’t have access to.

I believe that is only available for Android, if you have sent a chat message, or commented using the Comments component, you’ll get a notification if someone else comments.

No, not at the moment.

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Thanks for the response.
Yes Its native Glide chat.
Also how to show timestamp for messages.

You can’t customize anything for the native chat.

So ideally native app shows time stamp or not. If not then what is the work around.

What do you mean by “native apps”? As I said, you can’t customize the layout of the native chat in Glide. Or do you mean something else?