Timestamping global chat

I am using glide for a nonprofit I am part of. We are using the global chat function. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out how to add timestamping in global chat. By timestamping, I mean each message in the chat does not show what time and date it was sent on. However, I can see the name of the person writing a particular message.

Hello there.

Could you try the following:

  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. It doesn’t really matter in which account, though preferably in the Google account you used to sign in to Glide.
  • In the A1 cell, write “DateTime”. This is simply to make sure your sheet is non-empty.
  • Return to Glide, to your app project, to the data editor, add a new table, add thevGoogle Sheets spreadsheet you just created.
  • Now return to the global chat and write a message.

Either immediately or within a short period of time, back in your spreadsheet, you should see a new tab called “App:Comments” appear. Columns will automatically have been added: ID, Username, Email, DateTime, Comment.

The “App:Comments” tab is only available in Google Sheets, not in the Data Editor in Glide.