Chat messages are deleted in a certain time

Hello guys, I’m new to Glide but I love it so far. I’ve been working on an app for a few weeks now, experimenting here and there. I was testing the chat and observed that the messages are filling the google spreadsheet. My question is if there is any way for them to be automatically erased suddenly after some time, say after 24 hours? Thank you

Hello, I don’t know if I’m the right person to present you with a solution, you’ll most certainly find it here.

I am also looking for something similar, what came to my mind was to create a script that erases the lines, and you schedule it to fire at 00hs.

This is the code, if you’re wrong, colleagues will correct it.

function dell() {
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName(“App: Comments”); //tab name to be deleted
spreadsheet.getRange(‘A:F’).activate(); //delete from column A: F
spreadsheet.getActiveRangeList().clear({contentsOnly: true, skipFilteredRows: true});


Hi Roberto, that is the right idea but my concern is that if Victor is using the native chat offered by Glide, deleting the rows in the sheet won’t actually erase them from the app. As far as I aware the only way to delete chat comments now is to go to the builder, choose them and delete it.

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Hello, I see that you mention native chat and you are correct that is the one I am experiencing, but a question comes to me, is there another chat that is not native?

Hello, you can read this thread on 1v1 chat.

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Excellent. I appreciate the help

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If you need help setting it up feel free to send a personal message.

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very well @ThinhDinh

my idea was this: I didn’t get to use it, I didn’t know about it, thanks for sharing.

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