Cannot delete messages

Hello guys, I’m new to Glide but I love it so far. I’ve been working on an app for a few weeks now, experimenting here and there, and the chat was working fine at first but now for the past couple of days I haven’t been able to delete the messages.

I’m not sure if this caused it but I had deleted some rows on the “App: Comments” sheet thinking that would delete messages as well, but it didn’t. That’s when I started noticing the problem. Since then, I deleted the entire sheet and noticed it came back automatically with all the row of messages but still won’t let me delete them from inside the chat tab on the app editor.

This is covered in our docs:

Thanks for the reply! I was able to figure it out after further troubleshooting.

I was in fact attempting to delete it from inside the Glide builder by long pressing the messages just as the doc you shared shows but it turns out the problem was I was trying it from my phone… :man_facepalming:t2:

I had been working on the app from my phone by using desktop view in Google Chrome when I’m not on my computer. It’s not the best way to work on it but it allows me to get more things done since I can’t be on my computer all the time. Deleting messages worked once I got on my computer and attempted to delete them from there.