How to delete messages on the chat section

I’ve been trying to dlete the chat messages by clicking and holding but when I click delete the mesages still appears. Can someone help how to fix it?

I tried that but the messages still dont delete. What should I do?

You can only delete messages in the builder.

How to I get to Builder?, or are yout alking about the account I built the app with, because I still cant delete.

The glide builder where you built the app. When viewing it in the builder, you can long click/press on a message and then it will open up to allow you to select all messages that you want to delete.

I just tried to delete the message from my builder account and still cant delete them

You are inside the builder, correct? Open the chat tab, then click on a message, but click and hold for a few seconds. Your screen should look like this where you can select messages and then click on the delete button.

I did that already. And I can’t still delete the messages maybe it’s a problem from somewhere else.

OK, I just tried to delete some of my messages and I see what you mean now. You can select the messages to delete, click on the Delete button, and click on Delete in the confirmation, but nothing happens. This looks like a bug. I’ll pass this along to the team.

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Yeah Please do! I will be expecting soon an anwser.