Need help on creating private chat

Yes. See for an example of how I included direct chat.

Essentially you’ll want to create a ‘Chats’ sheet and allow users to add other users with a form. Other gliders like @Robert_Petitto have also created 1-on-1 chat features.

A tutorial for @Robert_Petitto’s approach is below:


@Lisa explain better I am new

@Lisa this video is for comments only admins can see I want one that the users can chat privately within themselves

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There’s a lot of good examples above. The only other one I can offer, which is very basic, is Basically you need a portion of your app that’s filtered or accessible through relations, where only those in the chat can get to and see that screen. Then that’s where you place a comments component to use for chat



I don’t have a video tutorial but these are the steps. Feel free to message me and we can set up time to walk through it if that will work best.

  1. Create a Messages sheet in Google sheets.

  2. Add a Row ID column. This will ensure every chat has a unique identifier.

  3. Add two columns titled “User 1” and “User 2”

  4. Within Glide, on your Messages tab, add the Comments component

  5. On a different tab/screen (ideally where you’ll want users to be able to start a chat) add a button component

  6. In the features section for the button component, set the Action to Show form

  7. Then click the button, you will then be able to click what sheet the form should write to, essentially where the data will go. You should choose your Messages sheet.

  8. On the form, add a choice field for User 2. For the choices, you can select the users sheet or whatever sheet houses all of your user information. You should select the user’s email address as the value to write to the User 2 field.

  9. With this, the user will be able to select which user they want to chat with.

  10. You’ll also need to set the field for User 1 to the current user. You can do this by creating a Template column set to the current user’s email address. Make sure to place this column on the same sheet that you’ve placed the button for users to start a chat, otherwise Glide will not pull in the data to populate the column.

Once you’ve created this form and have submitted some test data, the last step is to create a relation column between the users in your Messages sheet and your users.



Check this out. This is not a multiple sign up app. This is single user 1on1 chat app.

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Hi Lisa,

These steps are very helpful.
Unfortunately I got stuck at number 8.
Can you please expound a little on the “choice field” that you’re referring to?

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That choice field for “User 2”, if I understand right, will contain all the emails (displayed as names) of the user you want to create the chat with. The user that is creating the chat will have his/her email written to “User 1”.

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Any way you can think of to automatically pass in the recipient’s email without making the sender explicitly choose from a list?

I have hundreds of users in an app, and scrolling through a list of names/emails is both a privacy concern and a pain in the ass for my users. If a chat can be initiated from the recipient’s profile, the sender will already know who the recipient is, so selecting them from a list is extraneous.

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Don’t know how I’ve made it this far without leveraging these. :man_facepalming:


It occurs to me that if you don’t want to search from choice you can do the following:
If you have a screen with user profiles, when you know who you want to chat with, enter the profile detail and there configure a form button to request chat directed to the message sheet, as they told you above.
Being inside their profile, you can add their email (receiver), your email (active connected to the users table) and then a unique ID, etc.
It remains to be seen if you need any type of acceptance by the other user. It could also be configured.

I would do as Lisa said, but point 5.
The screen could be the profile of the user you want to chat with.
In point 8, being inside the recipient’s profile, you already have the data, you only have to add all the columns you want to the message sheet. And if you have configured the login with that profile sheet, the sender email can also get it.
I hope that helps.


Echoing @Jeff_Hager and @Mariano_Betta.

Excuse the background noise :slight_smile: But you can see this applied to the Glidegram app. Since button is on the selected profile page, you can set the field to that user’s email.


There is a messages tab and sheet I am confused @Lisa do you mind doing a video tutorial on it please :pray: :pray: :pray:

I will work on a video this weekend :love_you_gesture:


@Lisa thank you so soon much

Still getting used to Loom :grin: Hope this helps!


Thank you sooo much @Lisa

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