Integrating a Chat SDK

Hey Folks! Loving to Glide!
I am developing a chat app that would match students based on interests and allow them to chat. Can we integrate with a chat SDK with Glide or does Glide have a Chat plug-in?

Hi Carl,

How many types of interests are we looking it at here? Do we let them input it via a choice component (as in fixed types), or not?

Fixed types (their will be multiple choice questions). Will run a separate algorythm for the matches and put the matches on google sheet, which will be read by Glide. Once a match is there, a chat should be listed between the pair. Once you click on the chat you should be able to start chatting (similar to whatsapp). That’s my target. Doable on Glide?

Yes, I imagine you would show the matches in an inline list, then you click that and it will lead to the other person’s profile. Have a “Start a conversation” button there that will asked the user to enter the topic of the chat.

You can follow the steps as Lisa detailed in this comment: