When your users complain about missing buttons

I have been doing user testing and getting lots of weird problems…

  • users not completing their process… but not sure why they could not
  • users talking about missing buttons…

I discovered that, during my test phase, about 1/3 users are on a desktop / laptop and NOT on a mobile.

This meant that they experienced the Glide app as a mini-frame of an phone on the web page. Kinda cool.

BUT BUT BUT… they had no idea that you needed to zoom out to be able to see the full screen (especially as my app has no tab bar). Even I only discovered the need to zoom out for Glide apps recently!

Fortunately, there is tablet mode, and the app is actually quite cool when you allow Chrome to ‘install’ it for you on the desktop.

But something to think about is that Glide does not anchor a particular screen size for desktop users as a default. You’ve been warned!


Did you enable these options in your Pro App and test how it looks?



Yes I have done… and I’m making sure the apps are a good experience for this layout now :slight_smile:

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