When I change data in my app, I have to manually reload the sheet

Whenever I add or change data in my app, whether thru the builder interface or thru the app on my phone, the builder tells me I need to reload my sheet with the yellow exclamation symbol.

I’ve checked for empty columns which was a solution on another thread.

What other things should I check?


I have a test app in staging that’s been giving me error a lot lately, but being it’s a test app, I have a lot of weird data and components that are probably pointing to bad data. I’m not sure what could cause it, but I would maybe look for values that don’t match the type of column. For example, a date column with values that don’t conform as a date or a blank. Numbers in text fields, or text in number fields. Things like that. Maybe they are somehow conflicting with components that don’t have a matching type. Check the data tab for any relation/lookup/math etc. columns you may have created that are attempting to pull from other cells that don’t exist.

I don’t know what happens when you click on reload, but it must be able to temporarily resolve the issue. I’m guessing the error occurs when Glide can’t automatically sync to the google sheet for some reason.

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This should only happen if sheets or columns go missing. Can you please make a video that demonstrates this behavior?

Thanks, Jeff.

Yeah, this is a big app. It’s got 12 sheets, 66 fields, 5 arrayformula(), a couple of unique(), a couple of sort() and half dozen computed columns (in the data editor). :smiley:

so, yeah, time for a thorough check. :smiley:

PS Insanely, I only started using Glide 9 days ago!! Still blown away how quick and easy it is to get an app up with Glide.

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Hi David

For the video, I made the changes on my phone, and as it shows, the yellow comes up when I do. And the same happens if I make changes in the builder.

Here’s a link.

Thanks, David. I’d deleted a sheet that was referenced on a tab in the side menu. :smiley:

All good now.