When a Dropdown is Pressed in GlideApp, It Doesn't Trigger in Manychat

Hi Everyone,

I built an App for Restaurants that when a Dropdown is selected in Google Sheets for either Confirm, Ready, or Delay, a notification gets triggered in Manychat and a message gets sent to the Customer based on what Status was selected.

However, when I set this up in GlideApp, it changes the drop down fine to Google Sheets BUT no notification is sent to Manychat. I heard with another App maker that it has to be an Onchange action that is done and not an onEdit action. Does anyone know how I can get this to work correctly and the notification gets sent to Manychat?

How did you integrate Manychat? Are you using Zapier or Google Scripts?
From what I understand, the problem is not Glide, but what happens after.

I’m using Integromat.

The status changes in Sheets, but doesn’t update Manychat… Glide also changes the function of the status drop down to just text and I no longer have the ability to change the status option to another field…

I’m guessing the issue is on your integromat scenario instead of Glide’s

Even with the App changing the status from a drop down to Text?
I’ll send a screenshot of the error…

I am not sure, but it worked for me in a little bit different case when integrating glideapps with integromat. Try to add a technical cell in the sheet and put additional action in integromat at the beginning of your scenario that will change this cell before looking for changes in your status cell. For example, let it change the technical cell at the current date and time sith seconds every time when scenario is being started and only after that to watch for changes in status row.

I am really not sure that it will help because I had a little bit different scenario of usage, but maybe it is worth to try.

In any case it will be helpful if you can attach screenshots or video of your integromat settings for this scenario.

Hey Petr,

Thanks for your reply. Here is a brief video that breaks down my issue in Glideapp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glide has no knowledge of google sheet specific functions like a dropdown in the sheet. It’s simply a database of data, so it’s reading and writing data to a cell. Not making a choice in a dropdown. Technically you could have Glide write anything to that cell irregardless of what the options are in the sheet dropdown.

You can create a dropdown in the app with a choice component if that’s what you need. You have to set it up yourself though. Glide can only make a best guess basic layout to get you started. The rest is up to you. You can customize any of the components and add or removed them as you need.

I don’t know how you have manychat integrated in your set up, but it’s important to know that glide will not trigger any onEdit event when data edits come from Glide. Only onChange events get triggered. I don’t know if this is the case as I don’t have any experience with manychat or integromat. Just a thought at this point.

I agree with Jeff relating choice component inside your app. You should use choice component for that.

However, I think it will not change the situation with integromat. If you want, you can show your integromat settings and I will try to help

Sure. Here’s my Integromat Setup…

I tried Choice component and it didn’t give me the choices inside of the Sheet such as Open, Confirm, Delay, Ready or Close. It only gave me the choice that was active, which is Open for all New Orders coming into the Sheet…
I’m stuck on how to get this to work…

You need a sheet and column that contains all of your choice values (one choice option per row). Then specify that in the source for your choice component. The link I attached should show that. Glide doesn’t know anything about the dropdown you created in the sheet and will not build anything for you based on it. That is a Google sheet only function.

Thanks Jeff for your reply, but I don’t see any link that you attached. Can you share it again please?

And what is inside of this part? Could you make a screenshot?

That is the Google Sheets part where the webhook address is. I mapped that to Google Sheets