What should I do if this happens and I can't open the app?

usage display is strange, what should I do?

Did you transfer this app from an old free team to a new free team?

Does your app have a connection to Google Sheets or another data source? On the new free plan, only Glide Tables are supported. I’m not sure if there is a warning when transferring an old app with a Google Sheet connection, but there probably should be as you will no longer be able to have that connection with Google Sheets on the new Free plan.

The workaround may be to disconnect the Google Sheet from your app and import the GSheet as a CSV file. This will convert it to a Glide Table and you should be able to continue using the app. You’ll have to rebuild any relations and other computed columns that may have existed in your GSheet.

Alternatively, you can upgrade this new team to a Maker (or higher) plan to regain the ability to sync with Google Sheets.

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