Google Table on Free Plan

I am moving all my small apps to a New Free Plan Team (one per App seems silly, there’s got to be a better way!)

I moved one based on Google Sheets. It does not need to be, it just started that way.

I think I saw a post that said when you move an app to a new Free Team, if it is using Google Sheets, it would automatically convert it to Glide Tables.

This did not happen, and the App still runs.
Is this a BUG, or expected behavior?


BTW, it is a simple directory of phone numbers. It has the ability to text and call – I’ll have to see if those behaviors still function on the new Free plan. (UPDATE, they seem to work)

No, I don’t think we automatically convert Sheets to Tables anywhere.

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So then will the app stop functioning on the new free plan unless I convert it manually? Or will it just keep functioning as is? I thought the new free plan does not include sheets. That’s why I asked if it was a bug that it even transferred the App.

I have no idea what will happen. Be careful :wink:

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Something only a David™ would say!
I say this all the time.

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