What is USER?

Can someone clarify the definition of ‘user’ in Glide apps? Specifically, in a scenario where I have created a course in Glide and I am the sole admin and data contributor, while my students only log in to view the course and complete tests, would these students be classified as ‘users’ or merely as ‘viewers’ in Glide’s terminology?

Anyone that signs into your App is a user.
Anyone that views your App without signing in is a viewer.

All plans give unlimited viewers.
The types and number of users allowed varies by plan.

there is a distinction when introducing the new plans this week in a personal user and a bussiness user ( same domain)

I think it is really confusing!

Regarding to setting in Glide clarify which one is “USER”

  • Public: Anyone can access the app without signing in.
  • Public with Email: Anyone can access the app, but they have the option to sign in with their email.
  • Email Whitelist: Only people with emails on a specific list can access the app.
  • Password Protected: The app is protected by a single password.
  • Private Sign-In: Only people with specific emails can access the app, and they must sign in.

Yep, it is :slight_smile:

It’s very simple, just apply what I told you earlier.
If somebody signs into your App, then they are a User. If they don’t, then they are a visitor.

Hi Darren, Following your explanation about Glide’s limitation of 2-10 users per app, I understand that a maximum of 10 individuals can visit my app, given its public status. My question is, if I start collecting email addresses of visitors, does this mean that my app is restricted to only having these 10 specific visitors?

Once again, it depends whether or not they sign in to your App. If you just ask visitors to fill in a form and provide their email address, and nobody ever signs into your App, then you have zero users.


I really appreciated! I am new and really try to understand, when you say sign in to my app, you mean as some one who has role like an admin or coaches whom have access to data, Or Student who the use app?

It makes no difference who signs into the app—they’re a user if they go through the motion of entering their email on the sign in screen and authenticating with PIN email or Google auth (or SSO).