How to understand Users vs. Viewers

I’m struggling with understanding how to differentiate a user versus someone who is view an app.

I would like to create an app that allows fans to view my app that may have graphics, scores, pictures, etc, but I do not want them to be able to modify my app. I would like to collect there email address or charge them for some content and/or product.

In all the I’m reading/watching on Glide, it seems like all these people are considered users which means I need a license for them to use my glide app.

To me a “user” would be someone on my team who is working on the app with me or other teammates.

Can you describe the differences and how they are categorized in Glide.

Basically, when do I need to create/buy a license for someone?



I think of what you are describing as “administrators” but that is just my own vocabulary. I think that Glide’s use of the term “user” is anyone that has logged into your app with an email address. That could be anyone working on the app, interacting with the app, or just looking at things on the app.

Glide also has the concept of “Teams” which allows multiple builders to work on an app together.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Right, this is I think where I’m confused.

If they login to the app for valuable specialized content, let’s say, do they need a license? Or is it only team members need a license?

We may only have a few team members working on the app, but may have millions of users/viewers (aka fans)

So, do I only need licenses for team members?


There is no per user or per team member licenseing. You pay the subscription for the app as a whole. On a Free or Pro plan, you can have as many users or team members (developers) as you want.

On a Private plan, you have higher security as far as restricting who has access to the app. All team members (developers) are included with a private subscription, and you can have up to 20 users included with the base plan price. Additional users are $2 per user per month. Again, that is only on the Private plan and you would have to explicitly grant access to each of those users.

This isn’t like traditional corporate software where you pay a site license or a per seat license.



Thank you. So I just need to pick a plan and start creating, then any # of fans can enjoy to app. We have several thousands+ that would potentially hit the so I just wanted to make sure I did not need a license for those folks.

Thanks again,


Correct. If you pick the Pro plan, you can have as many users as you want for no additional cost. It’s just the base price of the plan that you see on the pricing page. The number of end users is unlimited. It’s no different if you require them to sign into the app, or it’s left as public with no sign in. Free and Basic Plans are also the same way.

The only plan that’s different is the Private plan, which is designed for a smaller private group of users. A private plan only allows a whitelisted group of users to sign in. It’s also more of a secure plan because it doesn’t let just anybody past the sign in wall.

It sounds like the Private plan is not what you are looking for, so any of the other plans will work just fine for you.

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