What are all formula you can use with math?

Hi guys i would like to collect data on what you can do with math. If there is any other way to calculate things besides +,-,*,/

I feel like this info is missing in glide. Lets say i want to calculate how many times a name is appeared over again. would that be possible? Compare a col to another. If Something = to something? You get the point. Can we share all knowledge if it exist and if we are able to here. Math should be a big subject. And we should be able to do much more then we currently are able to. But within the limits inform me what we currently can do and request for more in the feature section.

There are a few others (date and scientific calculation related), but that’s most of them. There’s quite a few posts that touch on the different things you can do, but if I think of it, I’ll try to reference some examples.

OK just to understand the functions. I would like to calculate a col with the same names with another col. if it has the same name count row 1,2,3. Something similar to this.

=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ISBLANK(B2:B) <= false,COUNTIFS($K2:$K&B2:B,""&$K2:$K&B2:B,ROW($B2:$B),"<="&ROW($B2:$B)),0))

And this

=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ISBLANK(B2:B) <= false,COUNTIFS($K2:$K&B2:B,""&$K2:$K&B2:B,ROW($B2:$B),"<>"&ROW($B2:$B))+1,0))

I see these functions. But don’t quit understand them.

I don’t think you would need math column to do simple counts. Just relations and rollups.

I agree However when comparing 2 items together it wont work with relation and rollups. you may need another solution. Let me explain.
Lets say you have col A with users Email, In col B you have Products that you soled to your costermore. If you want to compare how many Products where sold by each individual user from Col B
By each Product It will give you the wrong math.

Like in the image. It shows how many times it sees a user. And does not separate the fact that there is another item that the user has.

In the right i do use a Arrayformula in google sheets. so the correct math is there. The issue with google sheets is that glide cant automatically update it.

With that being said is there a solution here? or do we need to request a feature on this?

Yes, there is a solution - templates.
Create a template column that concatenates the customer name and product, then relate that template column to itself. Then do a rollup through that relation to get a count.

This is bread and butter stuff when it comes to Glide computed columns.

Dig out a few of Bob Petitto’s tutorials and watch them. He covers this sort of stuff in many/most of them.


Thank you, Yes that solution helped. Going to make research and watch Bob Petitto’s tutorials. I am still not convinced we have everything covered but i am hoping to be proven wrong after watching his videos. And even if we do have a solution for everything, the steps to get there for each results are extremely unnecessary. To get 1 value of the many i need to get looks like this currently.

Steps for just 1 result. I created a template, 2, Made a relation. 3 Rollup, 4, If empty User name force 0 items. As you see so many unnecessary steps if we just had a simpler way.

Now lets say i want a number count down 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 For the reason i want to show only 1 item of the same exacts match. Filter; If rollup is 1 Then show only 1. of the many listed. Or even better if Rollup is = last, or max of the listed.

And the results for = 1 or last…

Things like this can be extremely useful when dealing with data that needs to be filtered.

In this case, a rollup column is probably the wrong choice. You most likely need a single value column.

Yes, I agree that getting things done with Glide computed columns can sometimes seem a bit cumbersome when compared to the same with a spreadsheet formula. But I’d argue that it’s well worth the extra effort, because the benefits are huge.

And no, we don’t have 100% of everything covered - and probably never will. In particular, anything to do with manipulating strings is very difficult in Glide. But, you’d be surprised how much can be done in Glide. I very rarely use spreadsheet formulas these days.


Kind of agree. As a lifelong developer, doing things in glide is much easier than doing it with hundreds of lines of code. Some things may take a handful of columns to accomplish, but it also provides the ability to create an almost endless list of possible functions. I think if Glide provided very specific functionality, it would get crowded with a massive list of specific functions. I think having too many options would be just as confusing to new users. Once you spend some time setting up some of these things in glide, it all becomes second nature and does feel so much like a crude workaround.

With that said, I do agree that there are a few things that do take more columns, to accomplish a function, than there should be, but I think Glide has slowly added features here and there to make some of this easier. I think in time it will get there, but for the most part I don’t think it’s too bad. A template, relation, rollup is pretty simple to accomplish. Now if we could get Conditional Relations, then we would be golden. :wink: