Can we create an array COUNTIFs formula within Glide

Hi all, I would like to create an array countif formua within Glide. Basically, I want to count the number of rows that meet 2 requirements for each user (row).
I can’t do this in GSheets as the IFs requirements use LOOKUP data that is in Glide’s data editor and not in GSheets.

Looking forward to any advice. Thank you.

Have you tried using Rollup column based on a relation in Glide?

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Here is one way to do that:

  • Create a template column that concatenates the values in every row of the two columns you are interested in. For example, lets say its a User table and you are interested in Age & Sex, then your template column would be something like ‘Age:Sex’, and then substitute the actual values in each row
  • Next create a similar template column, but using the actual values you need to count. Again, for example, lets say you are looking for 10 year old males, then it would be “10:Male”
  • Now create a multi-relation joining those two template columns
  • Finally, create a rollup column counting the items in that multi-relation

Here you have a demo app implementing @Darren_Murphy idea in a dynamic way: you can select which age and which sex you want to count


Thanks guys. This is a good direction to move in. Will try it out and update!

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