Count check-list

hello I am making a checklist with two criteria adapted and not adapted I would like that at the end it counts for me the number of compliant and non-compliant in the table sheet or in a Glide tablet

your google translation is so bad that I really can’t figure out what you are saying… try it again with different words

After submitting,
i want to count the number of “true value” entrie.

I have sheet table.

I try with arrayformula with countIF. But it does not work.

Thank you for your help

do you need help with google sheets formulas or Glide tables?

It’s possible for two posibility.

I used to use sheets table.

I don’t really know glide table and its functions

OMG… what language are you using that google Translate is not able to crack it?

I know when google translate from Polish to English it is a mess… LOL
I see your time… so is Asia

I need help with google sheets formulas

you have the right guy for the job lol… I’m really good with google sheets formulas… i just don’t know if such specific terms can be translated

give me the formula that you are struggling with… and I will adapt to Glide


I try : =arrayformula (count.if(a2:a;“conforme”)

I want a result at each row

(I come from new caledonia,sorry):blush:

countif not count.if plus close )

Sorry in french

The formula Is : “”

When i write de formula


sorry, but i do not know

Thanks you for your help

so… it will be a count if… I recently did a French customer and I know… google has different formulas… arrayformulas has a different logic than stand-alone formulas
you need to use * + to combine functions
I hope this will help you to google it… i can’t give you an exact answer without seeing whole matrix

I would suggest using a Rollup column in glide to count true or false values in a column. It will be much faster and easier than using a google formula.



Bonjour Lucien, comme le suggère Jeff, vous pourriez travailler dans Glide Table plutôt que Google Sheets, l’approche est plus simple. Dans Glide Table, utilisez la colonne “rollup” pour compter un nombre d’éléments par colonne.

N’hésitez pas à poser vos questions en français dans le forum :+1: