ArrayFormula to apply checklist cell

Hi, Please

I would like to apply a checklits cell data always I create a new data in column A.

I have tried this formula - =ARRAYFORMULA(if(A2:A<>“”;B2:B=FALSE;)), but without success.

Any tip? See attached the image from table

Put this in B1:


You can do this via If-Then-Else feature.
Check it here

@FeAle - did this work for you?

Sorry my late and thanks a lot for reply, but the google sheet return an error yet


Thanks a lot for the replay.

With If/Then I did apply a new column in Glide sheet and new when I have a new data, the Boolean Reservado Column is checked automatically.

But the Google Sheet continuous the same. The changes applied in Glide Sheet didn’t update in Google Sheet. Maybe I need to apply this (or similar) conditions directly in Google Sheet.

Thanks a lot any help

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Go to Data > Data Validation, apply checkbox settings to the range C2:C. It will automatically apply to new rows, but delete the empty ones first so it won’t affect your row count.

Remove content C2:C17 as the ARRAYFORMULA is trying to overwrite it