Autocomplete of cells

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Can’t find the answer: how to set up autocomplete of cells in a column if a new row appears? You need to have a formula in each new cell in the column. Tried it through isblank, but the formula doesn’t work.

You could use set columns

Or maybe if then else

And in google tables?

Quick example


M2:M is the range

“Delivery” if value if true

“Delivered” if value is false

Read this if you want to put an array in the column header. This will auto populate any new rows added to your sheet

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Also make sure you use arrayformula to fill the whole column.

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Are you looking for ARRAYFORMULA() ?

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It’s solve don’t work for formulas

Try putting this in D1:

={"Country Check";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C="","",IF(C2:C=Feed!C2:C100,1)))}



Can you provide an english translation of that error message?

(Are there any values in cells D2 to D100?)

Sorry) “Syntax error in formula”

ah, in the screen shot you provided you have an extra parentheses “)” at the end…

You need to remove that.

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The parenthesis is automatically added

Put it inside the curly braces, like this:

={“Country Check”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C="","",IF(C2:C=Feed!C2:C100,1)))}

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I do exactly this, but the parenthesis still appears

Check the quotes around “Country Check” at the start of the formula. It looks like they are being converted to “smart quotes”. The following (slightly modified version) works for me:

={"Country Check";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C="","",IF(C2:C=D2:D,1)))}


yep,i’m already do it

So it’s working now?


Yes, big thanks


Missed an extra paranthesis in my original code, thanks for the fix :wink:

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