Problems with Arrayformula

Hi everyone !
I’m posting for my first time here because I’m having issues with ArrayFormula.
When I want to create a new profil from my glide project, the profil adds itself on the google sheet but under the last row where the formula apply.
In the photos you can see that I’m using a arrayformula from the 2nd to the 12th row to add an “e” at 1e, 2e etc. (1st, 2nd in french) for a ranking.
So each time I want to create a new profil in my glideapp, the formula doesn’t apply. Do you have a solution for this ?
I hope to have been clear.

Row’s with formulas are considered filled rows. Glide looks for the first empty row to add new data. Because of that, it is advised to use arrayformulas instead to autopopulate the formula down and then delete all of the empty rows. When a new row is added from the app, then it will add the row to the sheet and apply the formula to the new row. Here is some additional information.