Fill in Columns as Rows are Added


Is there a way to automatically add data columns to a sheet once a new row is created?

For each business, I have additional columns I created to display within the app, but I have to manually type them in every time a new row is added.


Can you share more details about what exactly you want to do?

My app is a directory of businesses.A businesses fills out a google form with their information which gets sent the master sheet.

After this,I have to fill in additional columns, such as tags, roles, passwords, avatars, etc.
I would like for this to automatically populate once a new row is added.

Is this possible?

Sure @Jen_NYCP, I do this all the time using GSheet ARRAYFORMULA.

ARRAYFORMULA is used when you need to place a formula in the first cell os a column and what that formula to be repeated in every cell below.

For example, if I need the content from every new cell in column B to be “New”, I can use something like that on the B2 cell (assuming that B1 is the header):

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF( A2:A = “”, “”, “New”))

This will check if A2 to the last created A cell has any content, if its blank, nothing happens but if has anything, the value in B will be New for each valid row.


Ah! Thanks! I have like 7 columns, where do I add these formulas?

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You can add those in the header.


You can add the formulas in the header as @ThinhDinh suggested or in the first content row if you already have the content for it (I use this second option but both will work just fine).

BTW, amazing tutorial @ThinhDinh, I really wanted something like that when I was starting (and struggling) to use ARRAYFORMULA!


I already have text in the header, so I should create a blank row right under that to add the formula?

Oh thx!!

Usually I just manually add the first row (with the formulas) and the spreadsheet magic do the rest.

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Thank yoU!

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