IFS conditions

HI there !
I’m using “ifs” function on my gsheet in order to assign people according to a specific category when a new entry is submited.
For example : when a new submision including the term “boat”, i want it to be assigned to a specific email adress.
However, when a new entry is submited through glide app, the row filled is at the bottom of the gsheet (meaning i have a lot of empty cells between) maybe i’m doing something wrong with the function ? do you have any clue ? thanks
Maybe i should check directly on the conditions options through glide ?

thanks !

Hey @Alter345,

This happens because of the array formula. Somehow Glide takes this as all those rows are used and adds your new rows at the bottom. To solve this, you have to delete all the empty rows.

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What @SantiagoPerez mentioned is correct.

However, instead of using formula in Gsheet, you can use various columns in GlideTables for similar results but with faster results.

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Thanks for your reply,
i tried to delete all the empty rows
however, if i do that, i cannot put the formula for the new entries

thank you, are you talking about this thing : Glide Docs ? thanks

Glide/Google will not touch rows that are already filled, whether it’s an arrayformula or a formula that is populated via the drag down method. Arrayformula’s can work around this because it auto-populates the formula on every row, but because of the above, you have to delete all empty rows so new data isn’t appended to the very bottom of the sheet…after every “empty” but formula filled row.

The problem here is I believe IFS is not arrayformula compatable, so you have to start doing some crazy workarounds or introduce scripting into your sheet.

Is there any reason you can’t use glide’s built in functions? Or can you explain a little more in depth what you are attempting to do, so we can see if there is a better formula or way to accomplish what you want?


You can use Glides inbuilt IF THEN ELSE column to achieve your results as mentioned by @Jeff_Hager

Many thanks for your reply ! in fact maybe the IFS cannot work with array formula.
I will try to explain what i’m looking to do :

  • I will create a type form on a web page - on this form, I will ask for name, company and interest (A, B or C let’s say), all linked to glide of course.
  • When a person fill out the form, when they select “interest A”, i want it to be assigned to a specific email adress (let’s say a@v.com), when a person select “Interest B”, I want it to be assigned to another specific email adress (let’s say b@v.com) etc …
  • When a form is filled out (through glide app OR type form), i want a new row to be created with the right email adress AND create through zappier or integromat a rule that when a new row is created, send an email to the specific email adress selected.

Note : company interest can be : a text value OR maybe number (like when datas are >100, assign a email adress, <100 assign to another email adress)

I hope you can understand with my english … :wink: thanks !

You can surely achieve this by creating new Columns with IF THEN ELSE based on above conditions in Glide Editor.

All right i’ll try this one : Glide Docs
thanks !

The thing with this solution is that column are only display in the glide data menu and not updated on the GSHEET, so i will not be able to send zappier information

What type of Zap are you trying to configure?

If you can set up a sheet with dummy data and the logic you want to achieve we will try to jump in and help.

OK i tried to create a sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ph4_8lscXtY_tYCfn9COOF1ZXR3JsU4CeDwc_mzbEYs/edit?usp=sharing

We can’t access that.

Here it is : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ph4_8lscXtY_tYCfn9COOF1ZXR3JsU4CeDwc_mzbEYs/edit?usp=sharing

HI, after spending the WE and trying to understand … :wink:
Yes there is a reason why I can’t use glide’s built in functions, since i want to send a “notification” to each email owner (i want thinking of doing this by gsheet + zappier). BUt glides functions doesn not populate the gsheet … I tried IF the else function, works well, but i can’t use it with gseet and zappier

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Hi, I have made the needed changes for you.

You can use Zapier to trigger sending an email when a new row is added.

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WOW ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! It’s perfect !!! thanks thanks

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Here’s my tutorial on how to use Arrayformula.