Impossible to

I create google sheet with fx (example =IF(C4=…) the problem is glide start putting values after cells that contain functions… how I can do? thanks

Can you tell us more about what you want to achieve? Your case can probably be done inside Glide.

thanks for your answer
example I want enter name and surname in glide

in sheet , I make a little function cell C2 (if A2="John… , when I enter name in glide this skips a line, impossible to start at the line 2…!

I’m sure I make a mistake…

Yes, when Glide sees the formula in column 2, it will write to the next available empty row.

For something like this, a better a approach is to use a computed column in Glide itself, in this case a Template column can be used.



Are you using a ‘Form’ component in glide to pass these values ?

Thanks it’s a shame…
I try like that

thanks Iwill do other way…`