Sheet formula

Guys need your advise please

How to create a formal on single row sheet need to copy the single row on glide when action happened without any triggers would be appreciate if anyone get back to me ASAP as this am urgent
I’m happy to pay for the service
Thanks in advanced-))

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Hiya thanks for the quick reply here is a screenshot

what exactly you wanna do? copy Email Required to email required? ? which is in google sheets?

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If you want to replicate the logic in the Sheet, you can convert the if-then-else logic to an arrayformula.

he needs to write that logic in the GS without trigger

Hi again

Need the action on and off exactly the same which is stated on screenshot


hard to understand what you mean…

  • what that action will be?
  • how are you getting feed for IF-ELSE column
  • is the other column in GS?

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Hi this is an automated email

When it goes (on) on the sheet email sent
All what I need when if then else goes off or on need to be on the email required sheet

If that possible?


yes, with a little help from a simple script… not possible in Glide

So you need me to buy this template?

no, we can Zoom… and i can create a custom script for you… you can try that demo before

Ok and is 100% works?
And how much will cost?

try it… you can find out if it works :wink:

depends on what you really need… that I will only know after talking to you… if you like what you see in that demo… just buy it… if you need more customization… I can make a specific script

Ok how much would that cost?

i need to know what exactly you need… my prize is $55/hour

I told what I need thoughts
And if possible can you quote me a fix price

Thanks for the understanding

no, you did not specify yet… all I know is that you need to send an email when the column value change.
please try that demo, you will have much better idea

Which demo?

it is one of mine best selers… it takes 3 days to make it… if you are a pro