Help me with a noob Sheet(Glidetable) query

Hi Seets/GlideTable Gurus - need help with a formula or relation setup

Pls pardon me if it sounds too basic but am not an excel person when it comes to formula spanning across sheets.

I have 2 tables

Users - which has emails

Posts - which has emails, posts, boolean ( which is specific to each post )

Now I want 2 things ( in the Users table )

#1 For each user in the Users sheet, I want the count of total posts in the Posts sheet ( which am able to figure out using relation and count )

#2 I also want the count of posts in the Posts sheet per user which has value as TRUE or FALSE in the boolean column.

Is there a way I can filter down the results I want in #2 using relations or similar?

I am trying to do that in sheets using COUNTIFS but not able to get through.


Managed to crack it within the GlideTables itself.

a. Created a postlist ( Relation )
b. Created a Lookup on the Relation and filtered the Post type based on True/False


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yep, this is wheelhouse stuff for Glide.
As you learn more about Glide computed columns you’ll find that there are many things that are easily done in Glide that would previously have required Spreadsheet formulas.

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he he he True that. I had spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this out in the first few days and then moved back to trying with formulas and that was not a jolly ride either. But closed the sheet and came back with a open fresh mind and could do this in 3 clicks in Glide table.

These are the times when i feel SQL and writing queries is much easier. :wink: