Conditional count in a different data table

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I’m pretty sure this is a basic question so apologies for my stupid question but simply haven’t been able to find an answer to this. I am trying to figure out how to do a conditional count across two glide datatables. I know how to do it in Google sheet, but I want to do it inside Glide.

So I have two data tables: One with users (each row is a user) and one with reminders added by users (each row is a reminder and is tied to each user via e-mail). In the user data table I wish to add a column that counts how many reminders each user has made in the other data table. How do I do that? In google sheet it could be a countif formula.


  • In your Users table, create a relation column that matches the user email address with the email address in your Reminders table. This must be a multiple relation.
  • Add a rollup column that takes a count of (any column) through that relation
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THANK YOU!! Nailed it

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