Countif in Glide?

Is it possible to replace this countifs formula with something Glide computed? (Without using YC)


Yes, of course.
Just create a self-referencing multi-relation on the names column, and then a roll up on that to get a count.

That gives me the total count or a unique count. What I’m looking for is the first time the Name appears count = 1 and the second time the Name appears count = 2

ah, right. Let me think about that for a bit

What is the end result you are looking for? if you describe that, it will be easier for us to give you a solution. G sheet logic doesn’t always translate well to glide functions, but there is a elegant way to do it, if we know what u are trying to achieve.

First I make a duplicate set of names using a Query in GS. Then using the countifs formula I’m able to flag the first and second occurrence. Finally in glide using if-then-else I can control the left and right side column values in an inline list X2 per row.

i.e. If count=1 Last Week if Count=2 This Week

Sort of like a Button Bar but I need a Card Style Layout. I have the desired functionality, I’m just a big fan of getting rid of formulas and this one is referenced a lot.