Struggling with Count

Hi Community , Now i am working on Glide Page , so far very good but I struggle on Count

  1. My new feature
    • Every morning my factory worker routine is planning which machine to produce product ( Now there are 17 machines and about 20 products )
  2. Example . this day
    Machine 1 , 4 ,7 - Product A
    Machine 2 . 3 , 6 - Product B
  3. I use Multiple step form to make
    3.1 ) Machine status checking ( whether machine is available or under maintenance )
    3.2 ) Then I use choice of 20 products to Machine which are available ( Boolean Condition)
    3.3 ) Final , I set column to my Data Sheet
  4. Everything work perfect but now i want to count number of Product / Machine
    Example ) Today , Machine 1 , 2 ,3 making Product C , So count = 3
    4.1) I try to use Countifs in Google Sheet -COUNTIF(X2:AN2,$AO$1)- Which manually working
    4.2 ) I want the formula to auto add when new row added, so i apply Arrayformula
    4.3 ) =ArrayFormula(IF($A2:A=“”,“”,(COUNTIF(X2:AN2,$AO$1)))) Not working , it keeps get the first number
    4.4 ) I try to use excel functions of Glide , but there are only 5 columns that can be applied

I would consider reorganizing your data.

One table for machines and put the machines into rows.

Another table for projects.

When a machine(s) is assigned a project add a new row to your projects table. Then you can use relations and rollups to return counts… sums… etc

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There should be a table of machines, a table of products, and a table of assignments.

The assignments will be a form where you can choose the product using a single choice component, and the machines using a multiple choice component. Then when you submit the form, write the current date to the Assignments table as well.

Then, use a split text column to split the machines columns in the Assignments table, and a rollup to count the total number of machines that are assigned in that row.

Do you also need to store this data somewhere?


It working , Thanks all of you


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