🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 3


  1. a math not (!) operation for boolean values in the math columns
    And a boolean action not (!).
    sometimes it’s useful to just have a value inversion instead of doing ifthen and setcolumns.

  2. Slightly lower the Edit window to continue to see the column names.
    !!! Easy it’s already staging (thanks to a request from Jeff)

  3. carriage return for the Hint component.
    I had to do some stupid CSS to achieve this result.


Ah oui,

  1. sorting the applications in alphabetical order in “My applications”
    or the choice: sort by name or by creation date

  2. Also an alphabetical sorting of Glide tables during a “Link to Glide Table”

  3. Remove webhook definitions for actions.

Nb: impossible for me to participate in this event but hey, do the best :wink:

(I guess it is not possible to save the zoom for a replay?)


Couldn’t agree more. I just cannot understand why not all the features are made available on all the components using images. It must be a bigger task to keep the components different than keeping them the same.


Not sure if it’s tiny - but I would love to see a new maths function called RND, e.g. a random number between 0 - 1.

This one is in Staging. I had mentioned it in the last Live session.


Little issue for me : On the table display, when a line is boolean and the value is “true” when using the pure light display (the black display) the box is simply black. The little :heavy_check_mark: should be white within that box.

Could you post a screenshot please?

There you go :

(app with a pure theme)
Capture d’écran 2021-06-07 à 23.04.02
(app with a specific color theme)
Capture d’écran 2021-06-07 à 23.04.08

Once again on a table component :slight_smile:


Hello, greetings, it would be possible to add “icons” in basic columns :star_struck: and to be able to access a large collection of glide and not only for buttons. It would help a lot with the design.

Could you post a mockup of what you’re trying to build?

many use a list as buttons with external icons if you had access to those icons it would be much faster


Would be neat to use the same icon library as an option for the image in an inline list…


Also would be great to tap into Unsplash for stock images from components that use images as a Custom value (not just through a specific column).


Oh cool thanks @Mark If there’s still time for more requests, I’ve got 2:

  1. Could a centered text option be added under the Text Style section in Below position. See attached screenshot for reference. thanks!

  1. When a user tries to select their location using GPS, if location services with Safari isn’t enabled, could there be a pop-up window telling them what to do? This is such a cool and important feature that Glide has and I even created a separated tab for it all by itself but I haven’t been able to create a user friendly experience when a user doesn’t have location services enabled other than a blocky image where I just used a screenshot of your map and typed out the instructions below it. See below for reference. Thanks


I suspect this isn’t a quick and easy one, but I’ll throw it out there anyway…

How about being able to define a sort order when creating a multi-relation?

For clarity, I don’t mean being able to sort an Inline List that’s using a multi-relation as a source (which of course we can already do). What I mean is being able to define the ordering of a multi-relation as part of the column configuration.

So when you create a multi-relation column, you have an opportunity to define a sort column, and the ordering of the returned rows will be based on the values in that column :slight_smile:

PS. The use case for this is in the topic I linked to.


Can the allow promotion codes be turned on for checkout? This would be great to allow coupon codes to be used when checking out using the card.

Adding a search columns option in component settings. This can apply to all actions, filters and visibility settings. Especially useful when there are too many columns.


Agreed, although this will probably become less of an issue once (if) the new column grouping feature is released into the wild :slight_smile:


Even groups may end up having too many columns! A search could always be handy.


Oh yes, Sharing Glide Table: being able to know the file of the table (some apps have the same Tab name, ex. User) of to sort by also last updated version.