↗️ Webhook Action Tutorial

This is really awesome, but I need a bit more on this.
Webhook Action can be only done by clicking a button. It should have a trigger action to automate the process. Likewise When a new row added it’ll make a call.

When a new payment created, it’s reflecting in the sheet. So, when a new row added, I want to trigger webhook to send data.
From this, I would like to send instant payment confirmation via email or via WhatsApp API.

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That’s possible too, you would just skip the webhook and simply do a Google Sheet to Email in Zapier.

Yes. I’ve been doing this for a long time. But I’ll feel more organized if I would use these kinda features in Glide itself.

Can’t you just add a webhook action on submit, or am I missing something and a row is being adding to the sheet from outside of glide?

Except that Buy Button doesn’t have configurable actions.


Was playing around with it a little bit and realized we can also create - specific per device - iOS push notifications with integromat :sparkles:

From Succipe app


Interesting, I wonder if you can brand it in some way so it doesn’t show display ‘Integromat’ my users would be like “who is integromat” :blush:

Yep! We use this too!

Use case 1: say you want to be notified after users view/clicks on a specific piece of content x-amount of times, then once the increment action/condition gets to x-amount (example 100), then it’ll fire the webhook and we’ll receive the notification.

Use case 2: Similar scenario but for a Support Response - say a user needs immediate response, you could connect it to a button and if/when pressed sends a notification with their name, email and support query. You can also do this with Slack :sunglasses:

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Would love to, @Rosewebstudio

But, as I said here, Integromat only allows us to do it with phones which has the Integromat already installed in it.



Ahh I see, maybe one day :thinking: thanks

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Right…it requires a third party app. Others exist out there too, like push bullet.


I have to do the recording for this!! I’ll share it here next week


How would you do this for a mass email, would you just have the cell referenced contain all emails separated by a space or comma?

It works using their phone number@carriers text address (example 9185551234@txt.att.net)

Yep! Do a join column with comma separated addresses and place that in the BCC field

Thanks Robert, I figured it would be that simple but I didnt want to test it and send 100 emails to people and piss them off.


So I’m using this formula to avoid blanks since the list will change and increase or decrease in size:

=JOIN( ", ",FILTER(A2:A,NOT(A2:A = "")))

Ya, I’m always nervous about doing that as well whenever a client wants me to add in that functionality to an existing live app.

Same…I’ve been using my scripts but I figured might as well try the webhook way.

I dont know how to set up this