Visibility (IS EMPTY) is not working on free app

My app’s URL:

I’m working on an app for another organization. I’m trying to use the condition “is empty” and it’s doing the opposite as if it is reading something in the cell that isn’t there. I have another app that is a Pro account and it works fine!

Can someone pls check this out?

What specific is empty condition are you referring to here?

I conditioned a button to appear when first name (on my profile sheet) is empty. But, when first name is empty, the button doesn’t appear. When I change it to first name is not empty, the button appears even though first name is empty.

I think I know what’s wrong. I think the org that I’m working with needs to upgrade to a basic or pro account bc the function that I’m trying to condition needs the signed in user’s profile, not the profile being viewed.

Whatever the plan you are on, that won’t affect the user profiles setup. If you can share some screenshots of the bug then we maybe able to help more.

Regarding the “is empty” definition from Fred above, I’m not sure that’s correct. I have used is empty in many cases and I think that is the same as “is null”. Correct me if it’s not the case.

Maybe verify there isn’t a space instead of an empty column value. Could be just an unseen value.

Wait… I see what’s wrong! My app logins are not populating into my profile tab. That’s why I can’t see “User profile” as an option at the bottom of the list. How do I get the emails to populate into the profile tab? I see them in the “App logins” generated by Glide. HELP! Ugh!

Looks you haven’t enabled user profiles.


I feel like DUH!!! LOL! Thanks so much! The most basic thing and I forgot to do it!