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Heyy fellow Gliders!

I’ve got a challenge app where the user shall submit a picture or text or signature as proof of having accomplished the challenge. I want to use a glide form for that.

Since for every challenge a different proof is requested, I only want to show the specific entry field in the form (e.g. if a picture is requested as proof I only want the image picker field but make text and signature field invisible).

The problem: The form is referencing to a table called “Challenge_Log” but the information about which proof is requested is stored in the table “Challenges”. When configuring the visibility options, I can only choose columns from the “Challenge_Log” table (which doesn’t make any sense). What can I do?

I also tried to store the form information directly in the “Challenges” table with user specific columns. If I do that I can use the proof information from the Challenges table. But with submitting the form there is still created a new row (even though I put the after submit action to “set column values in this item”.

Where’s my mistake… Can anyone please help… :sweat_smile:

THANK YOU :pray:

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You did not make any mistakes, @Robert_Petitto has asked for this before I believe (the ability to use conditions relating to the original table, rather than the destination).

What I would do:

  • Create a JavaScript column that does some work with the “current URL” value. The point is to extract the rowID of the column you’re viewing. Do this in your user profiles table.

  • Create a relation from that to the rowID column in the “original” table.

  • Use a lookup to retrieve the proof required.

  • Use that lookup in your form.

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Nice workaround

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Using a set column on entry to the row details view would also work, but the method above can save updates.

Oh, I meant putting it in the users table!

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