Visibility condition doesn't follow the condition? Or, possibly, card component doesn't load the data?

Initially, I was confused by the behavior of the visibility condition, but when I was troubleshooting, I noticed that the component in question is not loading data. Let me try to explain:

My App/Pages support link:
Doesn’t seem like new Apps have support links anymore so here’s just a link to the prototype I’ve been working on

Expected behavior:
I’m trying to create a progressive disclosure in an edit form. Here’s the table that is being “edited,” aka filled step by step.
CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 13.02.06

To fill the form, I’m using card components and custom actions:

  1. Step 1. Only show clothes options. When user taps a card, set clothes column value to selectd item.

  2. Step 2. Select fabric. This column source is the relation column from clothes so I don’t need to set visibility condition here, so it works as expected. “On tap” action as the same as for Step 1. When user taps a card, it sets fabric column to the selected item name.

  3. Step 3. Select size component should appear as its visibility condition is set to "Show when fabric is not empty.

Describe the bug:
After I set fabric column, I expect the Collection Sizes to show up because it’s visibility condition is set to show when fabric column is not empty.

Here are the settings of the Sizes collection. I’ve also noticed that when I try to look at Data for this collection, all rows are empty:

And it should be reading from this sheet (there are no additional filters set for the collection):

How to replicate:

  1. On the main screen of the app, click “+” sign to add a new order. This will open an edit screen
  2. Select any clothes
  3. Select any fabric
  4. Sizes collection should appear and it doesn’t

Link to demo recording (optional):
CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 13.24.52