Vimeo Videos Not Playing On Samsung Phone

Hi everyone, any help greatly appreciated. A user of my app: is trying to play the videos which are embedded on the app via vimeo. When clicking play a circles spins on the screen before taking him back to the previous screen, the video does not play.

Can anyone provide any help? Videos play fine for myself and no other users have fed this back. This particular user has a samsung phone.


I have no solution for you . But , same problem happened to me in other area . All the payments are sucessful in every mobile except samsung mobiles . It was not allowing 3D secure payments . Issue happening with samsung phones only .

Is there any chance any of your Samsung users are using the Samsung browser instead of Chrome?

Thanks Jeff - in regards to installing the app? They should open the link for the app in chrome before adding it to their home screen?

Whether installing it just using the app on the browser, I would make sure they are using chrome instead of the Samsung browser. Chrome is the only Android browser that can properly handle PWA’s and truly install them as compared to just creating a web shortcut on the home screen.

Thank you Jeff, I will suggest giving Chrome a try. Appreciate it

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Thank you Jeff!

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Hi David, I have the exact same problem! About 3% of my users can’t watch the videos on their samsung phone. Did the chrome browser solution suggested work for you? If not, did you find another solution? Kind regards, Roos