App does not launch YouTube video on mobile devices

Please see this loom video:

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Issue summary:

App works fine on PC. Functionality lost on mobile device. Specifically, I have a collection of thumbnails with action to launch a Youtube video. It works fine on PC, a new window opens and the video plays. On a mobile device, tapping the thumbnail does NOT result in a new window opening.

It was working for weeks. Suddenly stopped this week on all mobile devices.It coincided with me adding a step in the action, which was to add a row to a table when tapping the thumbnail, but this should not really affect anything…

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FYI - I deleted the action ‘add row’ as a test and this restored the functionality… mobile apps now work and they launch the youtube video. Hence, problem solves. I can live without the add row but find it strange it blocked the mobile functionality even if it worked on PC.

I can’t explain why the Add Row action would make any difference, but I have seen reports recently of an Open Link action failing on mobile devices (Safari/IOS in particular) do to pop-up blocker behaviour.

What if you put the video URL in a webview component (or even just a regular video component), rather than using an Open Link action?
The user would probably have to start the video, but at least that should work on mobile.