Video error

My app’s URL: Private

I have a YouTube video that will not play in my Pro App. Other videos play fine. This video also plays when editing the app in Glide or when viewing the app on a desktop. On my mobile, the app returns an error message, see screen shot attached.

I have a hunch it is related to the format of the video. It was a recorded session from my iPhone and when played, Youtube configures in portrait mode (as best fit for viewing on a mobile phone). But I have no evidence for this…

Can you help please? I have not shared the app URL since it is has confidential content and requires a login. Is this a problem for you to diagnose?


Outside of your app, does the video load normally?

Yes, it works fine on YouTube…and I can view it on my iPhone using the YouTube app.

I just created a new video with a similar format and uploaded to YouTube. As a test, I uploaded it to the App and it worked… so it’s not the format. Maybe something wrong with the actually video from YouTube. I will try uploading it again to get a fresh link…

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Check the embedd settings in youtube for that particular video

Ok - problem solved. I deleted the video and uploaded a fresh version to YouTube. I replaced the URL link and now it works fine… must have been something wrong with the original file.


Very strange. The old issue has now re-appeared some days later for the newly uploaded video…

So the issue has not been solved!