Problem with videos on the app


I can not get the videos working on my application

• Videos are hosted on Google Drive
• less than 100 MB
• MP4 format
• sharing settings are ‘Anyone with the link can view’
• Links are kind "

… But the videos are not displayed on the iPhone application :frowning:

Could you help me on that?

Thank you in advance !

Shouldn’t the link look like this?

Same issue with link like this :…/view
or :…/view?usp=sharing

Do you have a full link you could share, or a test video that does the same thing? I don’t know what else I can help with. Seems like you are doing everything correctly.

Hi @Jeff_Hager, many thanks for your help : problem is solved : apparently, a codec error on some videos only. Sorry for the inconvenience !

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