Video format. Add play from m3u8 format

Hi. As I know the video tool just can play a video from youtube and facebook only. Can you make it to play video from m3u8 and video from google drive.


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You can play from Google Drive. Not sure what m3u8 is…Please see full doc on videos from Glide Library. You can also upload videos using the file picker component.


i don’t know why. but i still cannot play a video from google drive. is it because the google drive and glide from different account?

hopefully there is a way to play video from m3u8 file.

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Are you sure the link is set to anyone can view? and did you put the Video player component on the tab to render your videos? Sorry for such a silly question, but when I was new, I didn’t do this and kept wondering why the video wasn’t appearing. :sweat_smile:

Add videos from Google Drive

You can also add videos you store in Google Drive to your apps. Adding a video from Google drive is similar to adding an image.

  • Upload the file to Google Drive

  • Right-click on the file and click ‘Get shareable link’

*** Make sure the sharing settings are ‘Anyone with the link can view’**

  • Copy and paste the link into the video column in your sheet

  • Refresh Glide to see the video in action

and as for the other format, perhaps convert it…I don’t see that listed as supported by Glide:

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I already did all you mention. I upload the file into google drive. then i share it to any one with the link. then i put the link into google spread sheet. then in glide tab i put video component.

but it still cannot play… :sob:

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Can you show us in a video so we can see what is happening?

ooo. i got it now. i try using another short video… yes it can play.

the short video is just 15mb. but the video that cannot play is 150mb. May be its to large.

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Yes, the limits are in the doc as well! Great, so glad you got it sorted! :relaxed:

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do you know the limit? sorry… i don’t know.

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You can read it in the doc link I sent, but here you go:

Glide only supports .MP4 video files in Google Drive. If your video is not in .MP4 format you can use an online video converter.

If your video is over 100 mb you will need to host elsewhere as the video will not play in Glide.

thanks again. so thats mean i need to split the video.

thanks :smiley:

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Also see this regarding new limit on uploading videos with file picker:

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great. thanks

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You can convert m3u8 via Streamable.

Not sure why Google Drive doesn’t play in your case, it should not be size related because you are not using Glide’s storage as far as I aware.


I have used several converters because other converters MP4 videoes did not play in glide, only worked.