Videos unable to play

Hi, I wish to play videos / audio recordings in my app… i have placed my videos & audios on Google drive.

While playing them in my app, i noticed that some of them were not playing in the app.

I went through the community posts and found that there might be issues with 100 MB videos uploaded on glide…

Then I saw the details of some of my videos which were not playing in the app & found that those were greater than 100 MB.

So does that mean that, even if we have >100MB videos uploaded on Google drive, they wont play in GLIDEAPP?

If Yes, then how to play them…should i upload them on youtube and will then it would work? …or any other way to play them

Please guide

Google Drive is not recommended for video’s or images and a lot of times it will not work or stop working. Google Drive isn’t really meant for streaming media like that. You would be better off storing the video on Glides database if you have enough storage available, or like you said, maybe upload to youtube.