Video Embed Code

Is there anyway to use embed code to display a video instead of a URL?

If you select the video component, linked to a video url coming from your sheet, it will display the video. Have you tried?

Hi, thanks for your response.

Yes, it works fine with a video url from my sheet, but i’d like to use embed code which ensures privacy.

Can you say how the embed code ensures privacy? The Video component usually uses the embed code.

Good question, David! I wonder, too, lol.

Well, I’ve been using a product called EASY VIDEO SUITE for years. I drop my videos into EVS and it pops out the final video with an embed code. I then place the embed code in my Members Area controlled by a member login.

  1. The ESV videos will not play unless the user is logged in.
  2. Also, the video does not have any “share” buttons or download links.

So my thinking is that the app is like a Members Area because I use email with whitelist. But I am thinking it is the embed code that “secures” my video.

How can I enter the sample embed code here?

Use this when embedding code.

Awesome ty

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div id="evp-5BNHJZPV30" data-role="evp-video" data-evp-id="MjAyMC0wMy0wNy1OYW5pLU5hbmkubXA0"></div>

Hi Jeff, how did you get the video to embed?

What video? I just posted a screenshot showing you how to post your code to the forum.

I thought you can embed in the glide apps, not the forum. Sorry, I’m seeing if I can embed a facebook video on glide apps (without the commentary).

Should work as long as the video is public and you use it with a video component.

I Just tried this link in a video component and it worked.

So, is it possible to use an embed code in a Glide app? If so which type of tool do I use within Glide?