How to embed google slide show

Im interested in being able to play a google slideshow on my app without having to send the user to a link to view the content. Id rather the user be able to click through the slideshow pages on the app.

Ive seen this can be done while looking on a template but so far if I embed the URL it directs me to the slide show on google and doesn’t keep me on the app.

Can anyone help please?

Try it with the webview component.
You’ll need to ensure that the link to your slideshow is public.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the information i’m sharing is confidential so I can make it public.

If the slideshow isn’t public, then how are other people supposed to view it?


As in the app if for internal use only only.

It doesn’t matter. If you want to embed links to external files in your Glide App/Page, then those links must be public.


We’re talking about the link to the slideshow. Not the app. If you were to share the direct link to that slideshow with your users outside of the app, how would they view it? Have you granted permission rights to your user’s gmail accounts to view that file? If not, it needs to be public. However, your app can remain private. A WebView is no different than a user directly typing the URL for the slideshow into their browser. If they are denied access that way, then they will also be denied access to the slideshow through the app as well.


Thanks for all your advice. Im adding a picture from a template and it shows how the user can click through each slide and it doesn’t look like webview.

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 13.56.01

Can you provide more context here? Which template did you see that in? Where did you get the screenshot? Have you tried using a WebView component to see if it works?

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