Flipgrid videos in Video Component?

Hi all - grateful in advance for any help you can offer. I am a teacher and each year, I build an app for our high school that showcases students’ individual exploration projects. We ask students to film a short final video to share their projects in Flipgrid.

For the past two years, I’ve “sort of” been able to make the Video component work with these videos, but I can’t seem to use the normal Flipgrid sharing link. I’ve had to write scripts to extract the <og_video> tag in the HTML and use that link instead. The problem is that on the Flipgrid side, they seem to change the URL in this tag every so often, so once that happens, my Glide app no longer shows the video.

For example, here is the link that I would LIKE to give to the Glide video component and have it show:

Anyone have ideas or experience for how to deal with this? Thanks!


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Have not used flipgrid, but both Loom and Vimeo have free versions that allow recording short videos (Loom has a five minute limit on the free version, not sure yet about Vimeo, because I’m still in the trial phase).

I know Glide recommends Loom, and both these services allow uploading vids to Youtube, which Glide works with for video links.


Oh interesting! I love using Loom myself for teaching. I was worried that 5 minutes may not be enough for these videos, but maybe it’s worth imposing that limit so the app works more cleanly. I will try this out.

(I’m hoping to avoid asking students to upload stuff onto YouTube since that opens up a whole other can of worms… LOL.)

Thanks for your help!

Hi @achau,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I just Created a account on Flipgrid and created a video and copied the link and pasted in the video component but it doesn’t works. And I saw that a embed code is available that you can paste it on the Web view component and finally it worked!

Click the share icon to get the embed code :

The result :

Thank you


Oh my goodness - this is exactly what I needed!! I didn’t know about the Webview component and in fact, I didn’t even have to give it the embed code. I tried just using the Flipgrid share link on the component and the video just shows!! Hurray!!

Thank you SO much for the help! You just made this teacher’s life a billion times easier!! :pray:t3:


Wait a minute… @Dilon_Perera — you can add HTML inside of a webview? I thought it only accepted URLs.


It does accept certain iframes, last year I found out Facebook albums are embeddable.


Love that I’m still learning new things about Glide!


Hi Robert,

I learned that we can add iframes in to the Web View from a Jeff’s Post!



Your welcome! Happy Teaching :wink:

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