Webembed question

I use an api to extract youtube video and the result is great but just that the links expire quite quickly.
once the extraction is done we can display the result perfectly via a webembed component.
But once the link expired (the file is destroyed by google) the link is still available but the video is inaccessible.
So the webembed displays an error window.
How do you imagine being able to detect this and thus not display the webembed component.
Maybe the solution is outside Glide. I admit that I don’t have a solution and that your help would be precise and the result should interest a lot of people


Do you not have access to the direct YouTube url? Thinking that you could just use a video component instead of a web embed.

Are you trying to “extract” (download?) the video through Youtube download button? Those won’t let you actually download the file itself. If you have authorization to use the videos, I recommend using https://www.4kdownload.com/ to download the files and then upload as unlisted to your Youtube account and then add that link to Glide, making sure that you allow permission to embed.

Edited to add: I agree with @Jeff_Hager that a video component is better to use. I prefer using Vimeo (not free) to host my videos as I have better control over how they look and the viewer won’t get Youtube ads…