I am using the video function to play youtube videos in my app. After my video is finished a screen is displayed of a thumbnail from one our videos which is 3 years old. Do not know much about youtube, is there a way to control this?

There isn’t. All embedded YouTube videos will automatically show related videos and or videos from your channel. Best bet is to download the video from YouTube and reupload it to Glide. You can also use Vimeo instead — have more control of the embedded video (eg loop video when finished).


Robert, Not sure if you mean the same, but initially I had them in a dropbox, but the replay would take control of the entire screen. Since the videos are only explanations to pictures I did not like it. How else can I upload to Glide?

You can add a file picker component to the edit screen of your rows and upload your videos there.

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Much better, elegant, Thanks

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